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Games on ChasmGames.com:

UN FlagChasmGames Diplomacy Judge : A game of political intigue - this judge will allow you to play the game with others across the globe. User friendly, and now supports Colonial Diplomacy as well.

Long Live the King : An expansive NeverWinter Nights module my friend John and I developed in 2003.

Escape from Sigma 12
A Starcraft experience by John & Chaz

A 2 or 4 player starcraft scenario developed in 2002.

I.M.A.G.E. v0.1
(Internet Multimedia Adventure Game Engine)
This is a little something I put together way back in 1999. Mostly just a concept piece, but it is solveable!

PushPush PushPush is a puzzle game Albob and I created fot the Mac back in 1994. This is an updated version in Flash I created in 2002. Editor added in 2007. Additional updates in 2012.